The HHFG Way : H&H Financial Group | Horseheads and Trumansburg, NY

The HHFG Way

We want to help you achieve your goals. As financial advisors, we have access to unique tools, training, and resources to help provide guidance tailored to your circumstances and financial objectives.


01 Discovery:

Develop a clear vision of
your goals and objectives

We begin by taking a look at what matters most to you and your goals for the future.

We maintain an open and candid conversation to help ensure our strategies are evolving with your needs.


02 Analysis:

Analyze and evaluate your current financial situation

We complete a comprehensive assessment of your current financial situation, including: investment strategies, time horizon, investment objectives, cash flow, and retirement forecast.


03 Planning:

Develop strategies to
optimize your vision

We seek to identify the right combination of financial strategies that align with your individual values and goals. Whether it’s life’s planned or unplanned events affecting your needs, this financial planning process will provide a vehicle for adapting to those changes.


04 Recommendation:

Deliver your plan
and plot the course

We provide you with specific recommendations that are customized to your situation. Through education, you can select a plan that is best suited to you, and supports you and your plan.


05 Implementation:

Take action and
execute your plan

We are the trusted professionals who will carry out your selected financial strategy, and monitor progress along the way.


06 Review & Monitoring:

Ongoing evaluation of your plan

We remain focused on your goals and our progress in achieving them. Together we will make adjustments along the way, because change is going to happen—whether planned or unanticipated—but, your plan is designed to adapt to your needs as they evolve.